This perfect connection between Liscious skin and Lyonsleaf republic came about via pure chance.Growing up as a young girl in sunny Queensland Australia, with fair and sensitive skin, I found myself either being burnt from the harsh Aussie sun or my skin being irritated from the sunscreens that I had been lathering on my skin.
As I've matured, there’s been a noticeable difference caused by emotional factors and environmental conditions that have seen me developing skin conditions that are quite itchy, red and unforgiving...In a relentless quest to find relief from my suffering, I’d sought support from like-minded individuals on social media pages to help me understand what I was going through.We are all meant to feel beautiful in our own skin and exude confidence.But this I have struggled with!
Within the group chats, we would all share our recipes of what worked well on our skin to elevate the traumas that we were dealing with.Lyonsleaf fell in my lap through another member of the international group.I went about googling Lyonsleaf Calendula cream and found the site in the UK and immediately started ordering it along with the Beauty balm and Manuka honey soap and waited in anticipation for it to arrive. 2-3 weeks later my Lyonsleaf parcel arrived.
I started using all the 3 products, together in conjunction with each other, and morning by morning, I started noticing incredible results.I kept up my regime and my irritated skin started disappearing. I felt a real sense of urgency to contact Lyonsleaf direct in the UK to commend them on an outstanding line of natural products that were changing my life!
I called and spoke with the owner 'Vicky', and through our negotiations, I became the Australian affiliate, and this I am grateful for, as it gives Liscious Skin the opportunity to offer this product down under. This line of products I feel needs to be available to everyone who struggled with the loss of freedom due to unsightly skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, imperfections and scars. 

Freedom begins with happy skin!